Dentists: rip off teeth cleaning?

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According to a consumer portal, every third dentist in Germany charges too much money for professional teeth cleaning (PZR).

(21.08.2010) According to the consumer portal "" every third dentist bills too much for the so-called professional tooth cleaning (PZR). The consumer portal found out on the basis of a study. Professional tooth cleaning is one of the most important dental prophylaxis. The teeth are mechanically cleaned in the dentist's office. The cleaning of the teeth goes far beyond what people could do themselves daily with dental care. The teeth are cleaned with dental floss and with powder jet cleaning in one hour of brushing. However, most patients of the statutory health insurance companies have to pay for this important prophylaxis themselves because the insurance companies do not cover the costs. Only privately insured can submit the costs.

According to the consumer portal, over 34 percent of dentists in Germany charge their patients too much. Numerous dentists asked for between 80 and 180 euros per hour. According to the consumer portal, this is clearly overpriced. Managing Director of "", Friedrich Wiedemann told "Bild": "Dental cleaning should not cost more than 60 euros. Dentists who charge more than 70 euros blatantly rip off patients with overpriced prices".

Dental cleaning is the most expensive in Munich. There, the PZR costs an average of 96 euros. Inexpensive is the dental cleaning in Ingolstadt, where the dentists charge just 43 euros for the same service. Patients should therefore compare the prices of the respective dentists and not accept every quotation without comment. (sb)

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