Naturopathic practice for women's health

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Naturopath in Aschaffenburg

Naturopathic practice for women Corinna Lang, naturopath in Aschaffenburg
"Naturally being in harmony - health for women"

I help women who suffer from menstrual cramps, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome, cysts, fibroids, unfulfilled desire to have children and problems during the menopause in promoting their hormonal balance and alleviating physical complaints. For more energy, balance and strength in everyday life.

In my naturopathic practice in Aschaffenburg, I offer you a holistic treatment concept to maintain and promote women's health in a natural way: with natural remedies, herbal medicine, Bach flower therapy and massages. An important part of my work is the therapeutic women's massage (Stephenson technique, creative healing according to Dr. Gowri Motha, gynecologist): It serves to regulate the female cycle and period, to harmonize the hormonal balance and to achieve emotional balance. The therapeutic women's massage also supports i.a. the drainage organs in their detoxification function and helps to regulate functional digestive complaints.

Specific self-help tips for at home round off the individual treatment concept: These support the recovery process and promote the body's own self-healing powers.

"The secret of happiness is to be at peace with yourself." It is important to me that women experience their female cycle in a harmonious and relaxed way, get a feel for themselves and their bodies, for what is happening in them. The aim of my work is to support women in developing more joie de vivre, vitality and well-being, to experience their female body awareness positively and thus to promote self-satisfaction and female self-confidence.

Naturopathic practice for women
Corinna Lang naturopath
Tauberstrasse 15
63741 Aschaffenburg
Tel: 06021-4560098
Email: [email protected]

Practice is closed

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