Black and yellow wants to attract high earners to the private health insurance

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Black and yellow is canceling additional offers from the statutory health insurance companies - private health insurance companies should obviously benefit.

(08/18/2010) The dismantling of the statutory health insurance companies by the black and yellow government coalition continues. Most of the offers that have so far been used to attract particularly high-earning members should be prohibited by statutory health insurance companies in the future. The next wave of changes in the direction of private health insurance companies is therefore inevitable.

As the "Financial Times Deutschland" reported in its edition on Wednesday, the CDU and FDP intend to, as part of the reform of the health system, legally prohibit supplementary offers and optional tariffs as well as foreign health insurance from the statutory health insurance companies.

The statutory health insurance funds have expanded their additional benefits considerably in recent years, in particular to prevent the "better earners" from switching to private health insurance. So were tariffs such. For example, the treatment of chief physicians and accommodation in a single or double room for hospital stays has so far been a good option for customer loyalty or new customer acquisition, which many well-paid insured members used. However, according to the plans of the federal government, this will soon be over, because in future statutory health insurance companies will only be able to offer tariffs with deductibles and reimbursement of costs, according to reports in the “Financial Times Deutschland”, referring to information from coalition circles. According to this, the changes are to be introduced into the draft law for reforming the health system in the coming weeks.

Jens Spahn, the health policy spokesman for the CDU, has already officially confirmed these representations to the Reuters news agency and has stated that the additional offers, optional tariffs and foreign insurance policies concerned are "not the responsibility of the statutory health insurance funds". "The Ministry of Health has therefore been commissioned to present a proposal for a clearer delimitation of the electoral tariffs in a few weeks until the cabinet decision on the health reform," Spahn continued.

It is easy to understand that the statutory health insurance companies take a critical look at the plans, because they have been negatively affected by the government coalition's previous change plans. The proposed simplification of the switch between private and statutory health insurance will also be at the expense of statutory insurance. The bottom line is that the bill means that more and more high-earners are turning their backs on statutory health insurance companies and switching to private health insurance (PKV). However, solidarity in the health care system is seriously threatened because the low-wage earners with frequent illnesses remain, which are not covered by any private health insurance. And since the government coalition also wants to make it easier to switch back to statutory health insurance, this will be charged twice. Only the high-earning members leave the statutory insurance and as soon as they get older, are more ill and the costs of their private health insurance rise, they return to the statutory health insurance as a corresponding cost factor. (fp)

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