Child dies after visiting dentist

Doctor on trial: child dies after visiting dentist.

(08/16/2010) After the two-year-old Hannes had anesthesia at the dentist, he did not wake up. Now the anesthetist is on trial because he is said to have used a device unsuitable for small children during the treatment. The indictment is assault resulting in death.

Already in January 2009, the incredible incident occurred, in which the two and a half year old boy was exposed to a significant lack of oxygen during anesthesia, which the doctors did not notice due to the unsuitable instruments, the prosecution charged. The child died two days later from the consequences.

The originally milder charge of negligent homicide was tightened up by the prosecutor's office towards the more serious offense of personal injury resulting in death because they saw enough evidence to clearly blame them in this direction. In the course of the negotiation, a wide range of experts will be invited to prove the prosecutor's statement that the anesthetic machine did not meet the current safety requirements. The accused anesthetist has so far not commented on the allegations made by the public prosecutor and against the dental practice, which did not include the anesthetist, no preliminary proceedings were initiated.

Both parents appear in the proceedings as co-plaintiffs and demand from the doctor 50,000 euros in pain and suffering, as reported by the news magazine "Focus", citing the family lawyer. If a conviction is found, the anesthetist must also be sentenced to a prison sentence of count up to 15 years. If the accusation of physical injury resulting in death cannot be upheld and there is a conviction for negligent killing, he could face up to 5 years in prison. (fp)

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