Survey: majority for cannabis use as medicine

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According to a survey, the majority of Germans have spoken in favor of using cannabis in the seriously ill.

(08/15/2010) More and more people in Germany are advocating the use of cannabis for the treatment of seriously ill people. According to a representative survey carried out by the "Emnid" institute on behalf of the "Cannabis as medicine" initiative, around 75 percent of those questioned have opted for active substances in the cannabis plant for the treatment or pain therapy of chronically ill people.

Components of the cannabis plant could, for example, be used to relieve spasticity in multiple sclerosis, as the organization "Cannabis as Medicine" announced. Some studies have shown that spasticity is influenced by multiple sclerosis or cross-sectional diseases. Symptoms such as acute pain, abnormal sensations, tremors and coordination disorders of the muscles were alleviated. Those affected still have to procure the active substance illegally on the black market and are criminalized despite their medical use. Because in Germany, the legal medical use of cannabis is extremely complicated and difficult. In total, only 40 patients in Germany legally buy cannabis from a pharmacy.

A total of 1001 citizens were interviewed by phone during the survey. It was striking that the broad agreement encompassed all social classes. Legalization for health use was particularly well received by supporters of the Greens, the Left and the FDP. The low level of acceptance among schoolchildren caused astonishment: only 55 percent of those questioned spoke in favor of the therapeutic use of cannabis.

The results of the survey can be seen in a further overview: Around 65 percent of those surveyed spoke in favor of assuming the costs with the health insurance companies. Acceptance of THC drugs has hardly anything to do with your own consumption of cannabis. Because 73 percent of those questioned who have never used hashish or marijuana themselves, nevertheless spoke in favor of medical approval. (sb)

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