Easy change to private health insurance planned

The switch to private health insurance (PKV) is said to be made easier

(14.08.2010) As part of the health care reform, the federal government plans to make it easier to switch from statutory health insurance to private health insurance (PKV). At least that was reported today by the newspaper "Welt" (Saturday edition). The newspaper relies on the coalition group of the black and yellow federal government.

So far, employees have had to exceed the compulsory insurance limit three years in a row in order to be able to switch to private health insurance. The federal government is now planning to relax the legal requirements for this. Now there should be no more mandatory years. Employees only have to earn more than EUR 4162.50 a month once. Then an employee can switch to private health insurance. Reports to the contrary state that only the mandatory annual limit should be reduced to one year. This means that you have to earn over 4162.50 euros per month continuously for at least one year to be able to switch. The new regulation should come into force at the beginning of the year. The world quotes the coalition circles: "We will implement this on January 1, 2011". It is not necessary to appeal to the Federal Council.

The government circles also report that the model regulations should also be relaxed at the statutory health insurance. In the future, insured persons can decide whether they should pay the doctor's treatment costs themselves and later repeat the money from their health insurance company. This would correspond to the rules for private health insurance. The cost reimbursement model is already possible with some health insurance companies, but has so far hardly been used. This was mainly due to the financially unattractive terms of the tariffs. The federal government is hoping for more "transparency" and new models of the health insurance funds through a corresponding new regulation.

If this regulation were actually implemented, the social compensation of health insurers could be out of balance. Because many employees who earn above average would turn their backs on the legal due to the sometimes better private health insurance conditions. Smaller health insurance companies could run into financial difficulties because they lose healthy and high contributors. Because especially for young, healthy and single employees, a switch to private health insurance could be financially interesting. (sb, fp)

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