Sanctions for late additional contribution planned

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Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP): Anyone who does not pay the fixed additional contribution from the health insurance company should be sanctioned.

(08/13/2010) Since the beginning of the year, numerous health insurance companies have made an additional contribution. More and more insured persons of the statutory health insurance companies are not paying the additional contribution estimated by their health insurance company. Health Minister Philipp Rösler (FDP) now wants to take action and sanction defaulting health insurers. For this purpose, Rösler wants to insert its own passage in the draft law on health care reform.

Accordingly, the employer of the defaulting contributor should step in and deduct a higher contribution rate from the gross salary for health insurance. Those who do not voluntarily pay the additional contribution should no longer be able to claim the planned social compensation according to Rösler's plans. In addition, the general insurance contribution in 2011 will be increased from the current 14.9 to 15.5 percent.

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According to a survey by the "Thuringian General", every fifth member of the DAK, BKK Gesundheit and BKK for health professions did not pay the additional contribution. At City BKK, about a quarter of the insured did not pay the additional premiums; at KKH, more than 30 percent refused. Because of the small amount of currently 8 euros per month, a collection procedure is not worth it, as a spokeswoman for the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Companies said. However, the association had already considered how to convince defaulting health insurers to pay the additional contribution: "If necessary, the health insurers could in return reduce their benefits, granting the defaulting member only a claim to emergency care," said a spokeswoman . (sb)

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