Alkaline treatment helps with acidification

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The acid flood in the body and how a base treatment can help.

(11.08.2010) Who hasn't suffered from these symptoms before: headache, backache, fatigue, listlessness or skin problems. More and more people are struggling with chronic complaints, whether cosmetic (for example cellulite) or simply intestinal problems (for example constipation). Many then alleviate their suffering with painkillers, laxatives or expensive cosmetics. However, the cause remains in almost all cases, and it is called acidification. In many cases, the solution is a base treatment.

Alkaline cure for acidification: what does acidification mean and why does it harm
A flood of acids, the body defends itself
Base cures can help

What does acidity mean and why does it harm

Your body consists largely of liquids, which are all supposed to perform different tasks and are therefore of different compositions. However, they have one thing in common: the pH value. Of course, this differs considerably in some cases (the stomach, for example, requires an acidic environment for digestion), but should be as constant as possible. This balance is also known as the acid-base balance.

Anyone who eats food inevitably supplies his body with toxins and pollutants that are unusable for the organism. Acids are basically neutralized and excreted again through the stool, urine or skin. The minerals calcium, potassium and magnesium are responsible for rendering these acids harmless. A natural process that is vital to keep the acid-base balance in a healthy balance.

The problem, however, is the increasing tide of acid-forming foods, which are particularly common in “modern” and industrialized nutrition. White flour, meat, cheese, other animal proteins and sugar make up a large part of the food that is fed into quite a few people, the famous food pyramid is simply turned upside down.

A flood of acids, the body defends itself

Two things now happen in the body that lead to the above-mentioned complaints. However, the list of chronic diseases and conditions is much longer. First, there is a lack of minerals to neutralize the increased amount of acids. The body inevitably has to draw on its reserves because the acid-base balance has to be balanced. These are bones, teeth, hair and other mineral reserves. It is not uncommon for overacidification to lead to increased hair loss.

On the other hand, neutralized acids can no longer be excreted, the “channels are blocked”. So where to go with the toxic waste? The body wisely chooses places where it can do the least damage: for example in the connective tissue. These neutralized acids are called slags. They significantly reduce the flexibility and elasticity of the connective tissue. Many women know the result as connective tissue weakness, or cellulite.

Overweight can also result from overacidification. Organs have to be protected from the increased flood of acids, and this is what the body does with fat. Even if you may not like to hear it: it is the best way to defend the organs. You can probably imagine what a diet would do here. The organs are helplessly exposed to the acid flood. Inflammation, fungal infections and other unpleasant symptoms inevitably occur.

Base cures can help

Not every disease suggests acidity. The acid-base balance is nevertheless very important for our well-being. So if you want to actively support your body and tear down the toxic waste landfill, the best way to start is with a base cure, also called base fasting.

In the first step, the deposited slags are loosened here. Base powder with the most important minerals then ensures that the acids are broken down quickly. Teas or basic food supplements can help to remove slag from the intestine, which is our most important organ when it comes to the immune system. There is also a strict basic diet, which is easier and more delicious than many fear. (Daniel Pammé)

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