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More and more health insurance companies are granting a bonus for active hiking.

(11.08.2010) Regular and active exercise promotes physical and mental health. It is not important how intensively the sport is practiced, but whether the active movement is carried out regularly. More and more statutory health insurance companies grant their members a bonus if the insured migrate regularly and receive a hiking badge.

Regular hiking can have a positive impact on health insurance contributions. More and more health insurance companies are giving their members a bonus if they migrate regularly. The fact that the hiking badge is equal to the German sports badge makes it possible. Anyone who achieves a certain, specified hiking performance per year will be rewarded with an annual bonus by many health insurance companies. This means that at the end of the year, by showing the badge and the hiking performance, you will get back a share of the membership fees paid. The German Hiking Association said: "With the German hiking badge, more than 40 million health insured people in Germany have access to the bonus program of their health insurance company".

"The health insurance companies confirm, which is also confirmed by more and more scientific studies: regular hiking as a form of moderate exercise promotes health," says hiking association association head Hans-Ulrich Rauchfuß.

But how can you get this bonus from the health insurance companies?
Hiking is becoming increasingly relevant in Germany and is increasingly recognized by numerous health insurance companies. Because an active movement promotes health. If your health insurance company offers a bonus, you should get a "hiking fitness pass". The results of guided hikes can be documented in the hiking pass. If a minimum limit has been reached, the hiking fitness pass can be presented to the health insurance company. The participants then receive the bonus benefits. However, you should inquire with your health insurance company in advance whether such a bonus program is available. (sb)

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