Consequences of the deletion of the additional requirements at Hartz-IV

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Consequences of the deletion of the additional requirements at Hartz-IV.

(2010-08-09) Numerous Hartz IV recipients have had considerable problems since the beginning of 2010. Enforce § 30 SGB XII or §21 SGB II. It seems as if a new directive has been issued by the employment agencies, which prompts the clerks to review each case in detail and, if necessary, to reject it. A number of Hartz IV recipients were informed that they would have to renew their medical certificate, which documents the illness and the additional need. The Office bears the costs, but the time and the burden of proof lies with the recipient. In addition, some diseases, such as. B. in type 2 diabetes, the additional dietary requirements are completely eliminated. For example, our editorial team has received a letter from Mr. W. Trassenheide, from which all additional payments for food have been canceled.

Mr. W. is diabetic and his metabolism has assimilation disorders, which on the one hand make it more difficult to absorb sugar and on the other hand trigger a general tendency towards malnutrition. Mr. W. has therefore been claiming an additional need for food for years and was able to deal with the symptoms of the disease relatively efficiently. Since he no longer receives this additional need, he has massively reduced his health and is now complaining about numerous ailments, such as: For example: tooth decay, sleep disorders, significant weight loss, dizziness, gait insecurity, feeling cold, heartburn, the increase in hypoglycemic shocks as well as taste, smell and memory disorders. All symptoms of pronounced malnutrition! However, this is excluded by the employment agency, since the Hartz IV standard rate is sufficient for healthy whole food nutrition, as countered by Mr. W. when he applied again.

The offices would rather pay the subsidies for the subsequent medication of the symptoms caused by malnutrition than to grant the individual Hartz IV recipient an additional Hartz IV need due to his illness. In addition, it is questionable to what extent a renewal of the certificate for certain diseases makes any sense at all. Those who suffer from diabetes or neurodermatitis are likely to have this disease for life and a new examination will not change that. Even if this does not result in any costs for the person concerned, the Office must still bear the costs for the investigation and the question should be asked at the point whether this money would not have been used more effectively elsewhere. (fp)

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