Girls getting older before puberty

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Girls reach puberty earlier and earlier. This leads to psychological stress in the children.
(2010-08-10) The results of a new US study confirm that puberty begins earlier in children and also suggests that this development will accelerate further in the future. The study, published in Pediatrics, shows that girls, in particular, are approaching puberty earlier and that an increasing proportion of them develop their first sexual characteristics at the age of seven. Other studies (girls becoming sexually mature at an earlier age) have already achieved similar results.

The US researchers examined 1239 girls between the ages of seven and eight as part of their study for Cincinnati Children's Hospital, and came to the conclusion that 10.4 percent of white girls, 14.9 percent of Latin American and 23 , 4 percent of African American girls started breast growth at the age of seven. The results for hair in the pubic area were similar, but the proportions were on average around 4 percent lower. A comparable study from 1997 came to the conclusion that among the seven-year-old 15 percent of black and five percent of white girls, the first breast approaches showed, which shows the tendency towards the onset of puberty. At the beginning of the year, a study by the University Clinic in Copenhagen had shown that more and more girls start puberty before the age of ten and that sexual maturity is reached on average one year earlier than in 1991.

But what does this mean that reaching sexual maturity earlier for those affected? Especially for girls, the psychological stress increases enormously with puberty. In many cases this is associated with reduced self-esteem and problems in dealing with one's own sexuality. Often the girls are mentally overwhelmed with the early onset of puberty. In addition, there is an increased risk of cancer in adulthood due to the early production of estrogen hormones.

What processes lead to the onset of puberty in children, which has started earlier and earlier, has so far been controversial among experts. Various contexts are conceivable, such as. B. with the diet, with chemicals in our environment or with changes in hormone levels through the absorption of additional hormones. So z. For example, a long-term study by the School of Pharmacy and Biomolecular Sciences at the University of Brighton found that high consumption of meat promotes the early onset of menstruation in girls. In addition to nutrition, the study by the University Clinic in Copenhagen mentioned above also sees a possible connection with the mass use of various chemicals, such as. with "bisphenol-A". This works in a similar way to the female sex hormone estrogen, but it is difficult to establish a clear connection with the early reaching of puberty, since we humans are exposed to innumerable chemicals in the course of our life, i. H. it is difficult to determine the cause of a particular process. (fb)

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