Patients complain of poor medication information

Every tenth patient does not feel adequately informed about medication by his doctor.

(08.08.2010) According to the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), about every tenth patient feels that the general practitioner has insufficient information about the use and side effects of medication. This was the result of a study by the TK health insurance company on the patient-doctor relationship.

Many patients feel that the doctor treating them has insufficient medication. In a survey conducted by the health insurance company, one in ten health insurers was unable to provide any information as to whether and to what extent the family doctor has provided information about the effects, possible side effects or drug interactions. One in five respondents stated that the doctor only provided laconic information about side effects or interactions.

Everyone knows the medication advertising on German television: One should “ask a doctor or pharmacist”. But as the TK study shows, the information provided by doctors is often more than poor. It is especially important with medicines that they are taken according to the respective regulations. The success of a therapy also depends on this. Tim Steimle, pharmacist at Techniker Krankenkasse, also explained this: "In hardly any other medical field, the success of the therapy depends as much on the patient's involvement as on medicines." It is therefore important "that people know why they have to take the drug, what effect it has and what side effects may occur." (sb)

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