Fear of coffee

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Coffee can cause fear in some people. The reason for this could be a defective gene in the product.

(08/06/2010) Do you know the feeling? You drink a cup or two of coffee and suddenly feel a sense of fear for no reason. The reason for this can be a genetic effect in the genome that is triggered in some people after drinking coffee. Scientists at the University of Würzburg discovered this connection.

Not all people tolerate coffee. Symptoms such as rapid heartbeat, excessive sweating, and sleep problems are triggered by many after drinking coffee. Some people also experience a sudden feeling of fear. According to the psychiatrist Jürgen Deckert, a small variant in the genome can be the cause for this in some people. However, if you drink coffee regularly, you get used to it and the symptoms weaken.

Deckert had carried out research on this topic in collaboration with a working group led by Peter Rogers from the University of Bristol. The results of this work have been published in the journal "Neuropsychopharmacology". Anxiety According to the research group, feelings of coffee or tea are triggered by changes in the genetic makeup. We were able to show that a variant in the gene of the adenosine A2A receptor plays an important role in this process, "said psychiatrist Deckert.

Normally, the messenger substance “adenosine” docks onto receptors in certain areas of the human brain and thus triggers a calming effect. However, if the receptor gene is changed, caffeine can displace the adenosine and thus prevent its calming effect. Those affected then feel a sense of fear. (sb)

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