New flu vaccine also for swine flu

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New flu vaccine that also protects against swine flu.

(05.08.2010) It has been almost a year since the pandemic caused by the swine flu (H1 / N1) kept the world in suspense and all public institutions stocked up with masses of vaccines. Today we know that the feared pandemic has failed to materialize, even though most people have not been vaccinated. All that is left of the excitement today is the vaccine, some of which is still available in hundreds of thousands of doses in the different cities.

The new vaccine for the annual flu wave is now available and it also contains an active ingredient that is supposed to protect against swine flu. "Nobody really needs the vaccine against swine flu anymore," clarified Regina Kneiding from the Berlin Senate Health Administration. With this, the old stocks have finally lost their value and those responsible have to ask themselves whether the massive investments were not premature. Berlin alone has ordered 1.4 million vaccine doses for over 10 million euros, of which approximately 750,000 have also been delivered. Only about 150,000 cans were actually needed. Politicians, however, are resisting the accusation that they acted hastily. It would have been negligent not to prepare accordingly for an impending pandemic, according to representatives from the various federal states.

While the vaccination against swine flu had to be registered with the doctor or health department last year so that the vaccine could also be provided safely, this year is no such registration with the new vaccine, which is also used for vaccinations against normal flu more necessary. Even if the annual wave of influenza reaches Germany in autumn and the WHO warns that the swine flu virus will reappear here, chaotic conditions similar to those in 2009 due to the new vaccine are unlikely to occur again.

The Federal Center for Health Education (BzgA) and the Standing Committee for Vaccination (STIKO) recommend vaccination with the new product, in particular to people for whom influenza may have serious health consequences. For example, people over the age of 60, diabetics and / or people with chronic heart, kidney or liver disease. When it comes to the BzgA and STIKO, pregnant women should also be vaccinated, as they are more susceptible to certain flu agents and the likelihood of a severe course of the disease is higher. People who were vaccinated against swine flu last year probably also have some protection against the H1N1 pathogen, but not against the seasonal flu wave. The two institutions therefore recommend that everyone from the above groups be treated with the new vaccine. According to the BzgA and the STIKO, it is advisable to have the new vaccine administered at the beginning of autumn, as it takes about 2 weeks for the vaccine to take effect and most of the flu begins in late autumn.

Representatives of naturopathy view vaccinations rather critically and fear possible consequences, among other things due to ingredients such as mercury or aluminum. (fp)

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