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Kröpelin: Naturopathic Practice Shanti Yoga School Bölkenhufen 5 a
18236 Kroepelin
Tel: 03829282808
Mail: [email protected]

Main focus of naturopathic practice: As a naturopath and medical Ayurveda therapist, I would like to show you ways to counter imbalances in body, mind and soul as well as diseases with the help of individual Ayurvedic healing arts. The first treatments of a completely individual therapy result from a detailed discussion. can consist of massages, herbal supplements, nutritional advice, psychological advice, pancakarma cure (cleaning / detoxification cure), Ayurvedic manual therapies, yoga exercises. Here too, the subjective needs of the patient are taken into account, changes in emotionality, life situation, etc. flow into the therapy.

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