Ear acupuncture: acupuncture on the ear

More and more users of naturopathy are offering uncomplicated and effective ear acupuncture in their practice. The ear is seen as a microsystem on which the human body and its organs are reproduced (homunculus).

Certain points on this image are pricked in the ear with needles in order to eliminate organic, functional and psychological disorders. Ear acupuncture is used for acute and chronic pain, anxiety and inner restlessness, menstrual disorders and the desire to have children. But the best known is this form of acupuncture for weight loss and smoking cessation. Ear acupuncture is so popular with practitioners not least because it can be combined with numerous other natural healing methods.

Ear acupuncture:
Ear acupuncture styles
The Chinese and French schools
How does an ear acupuncture treatment work?
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Ear acupuncture styles

While ear acupuncture has existed as a branch of acupuncture in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) for thousands of years, auricolotherapy is by the French Dr. Nogier was only developed as an independent therapy system in the second half of the 20th century. Both forms of ear acupuncture complement each other perfectly, even if the fundamentals and doctrines differ from one another. A network of the two styles can be found in the Vienna School. In Germany's alternative practitioner schools, too, a combination of the two directions is often taught in order to exploit the full range of effects. In addition to the styles mentioned, you can now read about Russian ear acupuncture, which has so far played a subordinate role in Germany.

The Chinese and French schools

According to the Chinese view, it is meridians that are stimulated and unblocked by the needles. Meridians are energy channels that run in the human body and which, according to the criteria of our western university science, have not yet been proven. The French school, on the other hand, sees ear acupuncture as reflex zone therapy, whereby the stimuli set should run via nerve tracts. The good effectiveness in pain is explained e.g. from the short distance between the ear and the pain centers of the brain. The advantages of the French style lie in a number of psychologically effective points that are largely absent in the Chinese system. On the other hand, the Chinese ear acupuncture is considered simple and extremely effective for treatment above all. organic disturbances.

How does an ear acupuncture treatment work?

Conversation and diagnosis: As a rule, the treatment starts with a conversation about the current complaints but also all previous illnesses (anamnesis). In order to achieve the greatest effect with ear acupuncture, the ear on the dominant side is treated. This means that right-handed people get the needles in the right ear, while left-handed people receive treatment on the left.

The therapist first inspects the patient's ear with her eye to detect changes in the skin, e.g. in the form of discoloration, dryness or blocked veins. These signs help optimize diagnosis and treatment.

With a so-called push button, the acupuncture points in question are pressed and the most painful of them are “needled”. In order to minimize the pain during testing, electronic devices that indicate the points requiring treatment by means of acoustic or optical signals are becoming increasingly popular.

Treatment with needles, seeds or magnets: The longer acute needles or permanent needles that are stuck to the ear with plasters are used. Alternatively, mugwort seeds, magnets, glowing moxa sticks or soft laser devices are used. The therapist decides which type of application is optimal and whether golden, silver or steel needles are most effective for needling, based on the symptoms and the naturopathic diagnosis made. After setting the needles, which is more or less painful, there should be a rest phase of around 15-30 minutes, during which the person being treated can feel his sensations in the body. (jvs)

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