Oxygen-gas mixture in the meat

Foodwatch: Oxygen-gas mixture in the meat.

(01.08.2010) The non-profit consumer protection association foodwatch e.V. has criticized that meat is sold in many supermarkets that has been treated with an oxygen-gas mixture. The mixture serves to keep the meat in its red color and, according to the deputy foodwatch managing director Matthias Wolfschmidt, it appears "attractive" in the "mirror" and can be sold longer and easier.

The Max Rubner Institute (MRI), headquartered in Karlsruhe, an institution of the Federal Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Consumer Protection, said in a statement according to the "Spiegel" that the quality of the meat can be affected by the treatment of the meat with the gases . Concerning this: The "aroma become flatter", juiciness and tenderness would be reduced. Furthermore, the meat becomes "rancid" through the treatment with the mixture.

Foodwatch e.V. had taken and examined over 100 meat samples from various supermarket branches and found that all samples contained between 60 and 80 percent of the oxygen concentration. The results are to be presented to the public tomorrow, Monday.

Foodwatch recently criticized the fact that meat had been “vacuumed and chilled” to produce a new form of meat spoilage worldwide, and asked the authorities to take immediate action. From the point of view of naturopathy, it has long been recommended to eat untreated and fresh food if possible. (tf)

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