Eco test: Iced tea contains a lot of sugar and flavors

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Iced tea: refreshing thirst quencher or just sugar water with artificial flavors?

(02.08.2010) The consumer magazine "Öko-Test" examined a total of 26 varieties of iced tea. The majority of the products tested failed due to the unhealthy high sugar content and additional flavors. Iced tea can also be prepared very easily and healthily.

As a mixture of tea, juice, lemon and sugar, iced tea has undertaken a worldwide success tour over the past 20 years and has established itself as a supposedly healthier alternative to conventional lemonades. However, Öko-Test has now found that the soft drink consistently contains too much sugar and too many flavors with too little fruit juice. Only one of the tested products was rated "good" in the test and is therefore also recommended in the eyes of Öko-Test.

Ökotest has taken 26 products under the microscope in the interests of consumers and comes to the frightening result that only the "organic ice tea peach lemon" from the company "Voelkel", which contains no artificial sweeteners and flavors and has a fruit juice content of approx. 12 Percent is generated that meets the requirements of the testers. The experts used the fruit juice and sugar content of a classic apple spritzer as a guide to determine an evaluation criterion for the quality of the soft drink. A good iced tea should therefore, for. B. contain no more than 47 grams of sugar per liter - which only 6 of the products tested held.

However, none of these 6 reached a fruit juice content that met the standards of the testers. If there is little fruit juice (sometimes only 0.1 percent), you have to work with a sufficient number of flavors to achieve the desired flavor intensity. For example, 25 manufacturers were unable to convince Ökotest with their products, with seven of them passing the test with the rating "satisfactory" and 18 with the rating "sufficient". In addition, the extensive use of preservatives, especially “potassium benzoate”, which can cause carcinogenic benzene in combination with “ascorbic acid”, also had a negative impact on the test results.

Iced tea is healthy

If you want to eat a healthy diet with iced tea, you can only use a brand or alternatively make it yourself, which is also one of the best options in the eyes of Öko-Test. Simply brew any type of tea, cool down like a shock so that the natural flavors are retained and then enrich with the appropriate fruit juices. Add a dash of lemon and a few ice cubes and you're done with the healthy refreshing drink for cooling off on hot summer days. For children, Ökotest only recommends the use of herbal or fruit teas, in order to avoid unhealthy stress from “tea” etc. in children. (sb)

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