Alternative practitioner Hutthurm Lichtglanz

Hutthurm Lichtglanz, Isolde Maria Lippert Baderring 8
Hutthurm 94116
Tel: 08505. 93 92 029
Email: [email protected]

Job description: As a naturopath with naturopathic homeopathic training, I support the physical level of people. As a healer, I give my mindfulness to the spiritual and spiritual level. Soul work, mental training, kinesiology, touch-for-health, awareness work, channeling, BodyWork, Cantor-Holistic-Touch (CHT), TimeLine, energetic healing methods, healing meditations.

As a media artist, I paint spiritual pictures and angel pictures. My pictures touch the inner core of man with the energy of heavenly love and bring man and the environment into resonance with the "divine". As a lecturer, I pass on my knowledge, my experience and my deepest knowledge in my seminars, meditation evenings and lectures to people of all ages and attitudes. As an author, I was allowed to write two articles for the magazine "LebensZeit". 2008 - "Being intuitive ... a personal way to yourself" 2009 - "Are we really powerless in the crisis! ... a call for good, true and beautiful" Besides, I am currently writing on my first book: "52 steps to BE ~ Become the Man who you really are ".

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