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Warning of foreign slimming products.

(07/27/2010) Slimming products are sometimes not only ineffective, but even harmful to health. The Darmstadt regional council is currently warning against the use of foreign slimming products. In addition, consumers should be particularly careful with products that are offered on the Internet.

As the authority announced, slimming products from China and Indonesia, which can be ordered online, have again been found to contain prescription-only active pharmaceutical ingredients. The investigators found the active ingredient "sibutramine" in the agents. This active pharmaceutical ingredient is particularly hazardous to health for people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases. According to a statement released by the regional council today: "According to studies, sibutramine has a significantly higher risk of heart attack, especially for cardiovascular patients, a study lists 34 deaths due to the drug". In addition, other dangerous substances were found in the products. One of them is the active ingredient "phenolphthalein". This is strongly suspected of promoting cancer.

In the Internet trade in medicines and slimming products, attempts are made above all to make quick money at the patient's expense. District President Johannes Baron said: "Unscrupulous traders endanger health by adding supposedly harmless slimming products with dangerous active ingredients". At first glance, it is not clear to laypersons whether the online shipping is a foreign or German platform. Only when you look at the legal notice will it become clear which country the online pharmacy comes from. If you, as a consumer, find no legal notice at all, you shouldn't order anything anyway.

As the authority further warns, one should generally not order anything from foreign online mail order companies, since the medication could be "inferior in quality or even life threatening". In addition, the "import of medicinal products from countries outside the EU is fundamentally prohibited".

Irrespective of this, individual studies have already found that such products have little or no benefit. So-called slimming and dietary supplements do not have to be tested for their effectiveness in Germany either, since they are not subject to pharmaceutical supervision. Numerous slimming products were tested in a study by the University of Göttingen. The result: the slimming products could not achieve any results and the effects were similar to placebo. This means that only the wallet becomes narrower, but not the waist. If you want to lose weight, you should continue to rely on healthy eating and exercise. At least the latter is even free. (sb, gr)

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