Relationship to bone metabolism and diabetes

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Study: Relationship between bone metabolism and diabetes.

(07/25/2010) Recent studies keep proving what naturopathy has long claimed: namely that just looking at one region for research into diseases such as diabetes does not do justice to the complex mechanisms of the human organism. American scientists from Columbia University in New York and the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine have now published studies in the specialist magazine Cell, in which they establish a connection between bone metabolism and diabetes mellitus.

Accordingly, animal experiments on mice that had a connection between bone metabolism and insulin resistance showed an improvement in the diabetic state of the metabolism after administration of the bone metabolic hormone osteocalcin.

The background is that the bone is a metabolic organ - that is, it constantly builds up and breaks down and also forms important cells for the organism. For three years now, a study by the now significantly involved Dr. Gerard Karsenty, director of the Genetics and Development department at Columbia University Medical Center in New York, announces that the administration of osteocalcin boosts insulin production in the pancreas. Conversely, according to Dr. Karsenty's connection is that purely to combat osteoporosis and lack of osteocalcin could be involved in the development of type 2 diabetes.

It remains to be seen whether the results are transferable to people. In the future there will certainly be more and more studies that will show the connections and possible causes of diabetes in our metabolism and thus indirectly give the right to natural medicine, which has always represented and established connections in the organism.
But naturopathy is fundamentally critical of researching these relationships with animal experiments. (tf)

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