Summer flu: don't take antibiotics straight away

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Internist Association: Antibiotics are not always useful for a flu infection or bronchitis.

(07/27/2010) The Association of German Internists points out that antibiotics are not always useful for so-called summer flu. Because at high, summer temperatures, such infections are mostly triggered by viruses, against which no antibiotics medication help anyway. Doctors should therefore not prescribe antibiotics immediately if they suspect a flu infection or bronchitis.

Dr. Wolfgang Wesiack from the Professional Association of German Internists explains that these diseases are typical of the warm seasons. In any case, only so-called antivirals help against viral infections. However, if antibiotics are prescribed, drugs can actually do more harm than good to the patient's health. The following are possible Allergies or corresponding side effects such as stomach pain, abdominal pain, diarrhea, sensitivity to sunlight to liver and kidney damage.

The doctor can tell whether it is a bacterial or viral infection from the coughed up secretion. If the secretion is transparent or white, viruses are the cause of the disease. Rapidly rising fever also indicates viruses as the cause. If the coughed up secretion is greenish or yellowish, there is a bacterial infection. Here the fever rises only slowly.

A note from In the case of a virus infection, the course of the disease is usually uncomplicated and the symptoms subside after a week or two. Naturopathy treatments are also useful to support the patient's recovery. These types of treatment can be carried out independently in consultation with a doctor or alternative practitioner. (sb)

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