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The additional contributions from the statutory health insurance funds should increase.

(07/27/2010) According to the will of the Federal Government, the upper limit of the additional contributions should disappear in the course of the health care reform. From the coming year 2011, the health insurance companies should be able to set the upper limit for additional contributions independently. At the moment, the additional contribution from the statutory health insurance is limited to a maximum of 1 percent of the gross wages of the employee. The maximum additional contribution is EUR 37.50 per month.

A number of health insurance companies currently charge a flat fee of eight euros per month. But that could change soon. Because the cash register's economic situation is more than tense. A deficit of 11 billion euros is expected for health insurers next year. No real solutions are yet in sight to stop the deficit.

In order to avert imminent insolvency, more and more health insurers are using the additional contributions. As of next year, the upper limit is to be raised to two percent. However, the maximum value that may be collected from the gross wages is then dropped. This means that well-earning employees could then pay well over EUR 37.50 per month. The general health insurance contribution is also to be increased from the current 14.9 to 15.5 percent. It is even feared that contributions will continue to rise in the future.

However, insured persons can also make use of a special termination right if the health insurance company charges additional contributions. But be careful: The cancellation must be submitted no later than two months after the end of the month and after the additional contributions have been announced. Some citizens also believe that switching to private health insurance could minimize premium increases. However, caution is also advisable here, as one of our articles explains. (sb)

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