Listeria detected in hot dogs

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Listeria in hot dogs: the manufacturer recalls the products from the trade.

The manufacturer "Abbelen" has called "hot dogs" back from the market because there is an urgent contempt that individual products are contaminated with Listeria bacteria. There is an urgent warning against the consumption of hot dogs that have already been bought, as listeria can seriously damage the health of consumers.

As the Ministry of Consumer Affairs in Baden-Württemberg announced, the hot dogs were already on the market. The products have also been sold in various supermarkets in the southwest. The sausages are among others distributed in the supermarket chains "Globus", "tegut", "Rewe", "Hit", "Konsum Leipzig" and in markets of the "Coop Schleswig-Holstein". Also affected are hot dog products from Edeka's "Gut & Günstig" brands and "2 Hot Dogs" that are only sold in north-east Germany's oHG Netto supermarket (black and yellow logo). These are the sausages with the best-before dates from August 5 to 11, 2010. Consumers who have already bought the hot dog sausages can return them to their supermarket. The purchase price will be refunded without hesitation.

It is strongly advised not to eat the sausages anyway. Listeria can trigger the dangerous disease listeriosis. In this context, people who have poor physical defense are particularly at risk. In addition, pregnant women have an approximately 12-fold higher risk of developing listeriosis. The course of the disease resembles flu. Initially, sufferers suffer from diarrhea and severe abdominal pain. As the process progresses, fever, severe headache, paralysis and drowsiness may occur. In some cases, listeriosis can even lead to death.

One problem with diagnosing listeriosis is diagnosis. Because it can take up to two months between infection and illness. Therefore, the symptoms described should be taken seriously. Treatment with detection is carried out with antibiotics. (sb)

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