The best protection against harmful UV radiation

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Protect health: The best protection against harmful UV radiation is still the skin-covering clothing.

(20.07.2010) The best protection against the sun's UV rays, which are dangerous for the skin, is still a skin-covering clothing and being in the shade. An air-permeable, white T-shirt only lets a tenth of the UV radiation on the skin, as currently explained by the German Cancer Aid and the Dermatological Prevention Working Group. A T-shirt has an Ultraviolet Protection Factor (UPF) of 10.

Many people repeatedly take the view that sunscreen provides adequate protection against UV rays. But that's not necessarily true. Genetic damage caused by UV rays begins much earlier than sunburn, as Prof. Eckhard Breitbar from Krebshilfe e.V. recently explained.

The best way to protect the skin is to use densely woven darker cotton clothing - these even reach a UPF value of more than 20. There are even special protective clothing that can even achieve UPF values ​​of up to 80. Such clothing is now labeled accordingly in the trade. Parts of the body that cannot be covered with clothing should at least be lotioned with sunscreen. A sun protection factor of at least 20 is recommended. However, care should be taken with sunscreen that it does not contain any chemical fragrances, as these can trigger allergies. (sb)

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