Deaths due to shortage of doctors soon?

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Family doctors warn of deaths due to a shortage of doctors.

(21.07.2010) Hard argumentative artillery is currently being brought up between the general practitioners of the Federal Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP). The German Association of General Practitioners is currently warning of the serious consequences of the growing shortage of doctors, especially in rural areas. It would cost many people their lives if Rösler no longer allowed doctors' fees to increase in their family doctor contracts. The Federal Minister of Health is planning to save doctors' fees by a total of 500 million euros in the coming year.

Today the German Association of General Practitioners presented their protest plans at a press conference. The association is of the opinion that the Federal Minister of Health is promoting higher health insurance contributions, fewer general practitioners and poorer medical care. To this end, they want to start a poster campaign. The posters should then read: "The Federal Minister of Health is endangering your health".

“This includes a website on which the insured can read how their members of the Bundestag position themselves on care by family doctors, the campaign 'Safe is safe', in which we simulate regionally and for a limited time how and with what costs an outpatient care without family doctors works ”, announced the Federal Chairman of the German Association of General Practitioners Ulrich Weigeldt in Berlin. "As a further step, there can also be practice closures if politicians stick to it," said the association. It is not clear when the first practices will be closed. (Sb)

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