Vacation camp cleared after infection

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Vacation camp cleared after probable norovirus infection.

(07/18/2010) After a suspected infection of children of the dangerous norovirus, the holiday camp in Straußberg has since been cleared. On Saturday, 39 children and a caregiver were taken to a clinic for inpatient treatment.

On Saturday, 39 children and a caregiver had to be hospitalized because of a suspected norovirus. The norovirus was detected in at least one child. The sick children and the caregiver suffered from severe diarrhea and vomiting. Meanwhile, however, all patients have been released from the surrounding clinics.

Today the entire Fereinlager near Sondershausen was cleared and closed. The last 100 children left in the morning. In the meantime, the local health department has had the kitchen of the holiday camp disinfected. On Monday, a decision should also be made whether experts should clean the entire camp. It is still unclear how the infection came about. Further analyzes will follow. The first results will then be published on Monday. It has already been ruled out that the virus may have been transmitted via infected drinking water or water from our own swimming pool. A total of over 400 children had spent their holidays in the camp. (sb)

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