Barmer GEK does not want to collect additional contributions

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The statutory health insurance company Barmer GEK does not promise to raise any additional contributions this year.

(15.07.2010) The largest statutory health insurance company "Barmer GEK" does not want to collect any additional contributions from its insured members this year. The health insurance company is Germany's largest SHI. Around 8.5 million members are insured with Barmer.

Despite the opposite trend of many health insurance companies, the Barmer does not want to collect any flat-rate additional contributions from its members this year either. As the Barmer said, this decision should be seen as an "immediate reaction to the health care reform". Because the health insurance continues to see a need for correction in the health care reform. According to the "Thüringer Allgemeine Zeitung", the board of directors had issued an apology. According to a spokesman for the Barmer, the health insurance company is a "pioneer among the large health insurance companies in Germany".

Not demanding additional contributions from members is a "direct consequence of the small health care reform", which provides for an increase in health insurance contributions to 15.5 percent from 2011 onwards. In addition, according to the plans of the federal government, the collection and amount of the additional contributions will be at the discretion of the health insurance companies. A Barmer spokesman said that, however, they still maintain that there should be a "revision of the health compromise".

In May of this year it looked as if the Barmer GEK wanted to collect additional contributions from its members. A spokesman said at the time: "This year it depends on whether further cost-cutting measures will be effective, for example in the pharmaceutical sector". And "At the moment the situation has to be reassessed from month to month". The increase in the cash contributions apparently saved an additional contribution for the members. In addition, an additional contribution carries the risk that many insured people turn their backs on the health insurance company. This would further increase the health insurance deficit. (sb)

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