Warning of changes in low-cost private health insurance tariffs

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PKV change

Change of private health insurance: warning of cheap tariffs of private health insurance (private health insurance)

(07/13/2010) First of all, many insured persons get into a cheap entry-level tariff of private health insurance (PKV) and over the years you will receive unpleasant mail. Such letters announce drastic increases in the originally cheap PKV tariff. Some insured people then quickly think of switching. But be careful: The Federal Association of Insurance Consultants warns of supposed cheap offers from insurance providers.

Insureds who are considering changing their private health insurance should not be tempted by cheap offers, because cases in which customers have been wrongly advised have been piling up recently, as insurance advisers from the Federal Association say. The note applies to full but also to supplementary insurance. Insured persons should not rush into enticing offers, because a low-cost private health insurance tariff is often associated with a far lower scope of benefits. The policyholders then lose out and may have to pay heavily later. Probably more than they previously paid. Because apparently more and more PKVs are being brought onto the market, for which an adequate aging provision has not been sufficiently planned. As a result of this, the policies become more and more expensive over the years and that with the same benefits. As a result, many retirees in old age have to cancel expensive insurance because the premiums simply cannot be afforded. After that there is only the way to the not really inexpensive PKV basic tariff.

So if you want to change your PKV, you should ask the insurance company to explain exactly how stable the PKV tariff offered has been in recent years. Before the conclusion, it makes sense to have it confirmed in writing that the tariff change does not result in any disadvantages in terms of services. The insurer or broker is legally required to provide documentation. If a health insurance broker does not want to write down their oral promotions in writing, those wishing to switch should refrain from the new private health insurance. Because without written proof, nothing can be fully proven later. (sb)

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