Federal Office warns of bacteria in meat

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Bacteria detected in meat. There is currently no danger to health.

(07/09/2010) The Federal Research Institute for Nutrition and Food is currently warning of bacteria in various types of meat. There is currently no danger to health, which is why the lowest warning level has been announced first. Although you can no longer eat the meat, it is currently unlikely to be a health hazard, as they say.

The institute had found bacteria in beef, game and lamb. The bacteria were detected in vacuum-packed meat. The germs "Clostridium estertheticum" were found. The germs are cold-resistant and can therefore also be in chilled meat. The meat spoils before the expiry date has passed. Consumers can identify contaminated meat by the bad smell and the bloated packaging. The meat should then no longer be eaten or not bought at all. How much of the contaminated meat has reached the market cannot currently be estimated.

According to the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment (BfR), the "Clostridium estertheticum" germs are not considered to be hazardous to health and cannot cause any diseases. The germs are generally found everywhere in nature and the environment. The experts assume that the germs were transferred during skinning and filleting. In contrast to other germs, the germs found particularly like to multiply in a cold environment. The "Clostridium estertheticum" prefer temperatures from 1 to 16 degrees Celsius. The bacteria can be seen, among other things. the fact that malodorous gases develop that also bloat the meat packaging.

Since the bacteria cannot cause symptoms or diseases, no comparisons should be made to "rotten meat" scandals. Corresponding reports in the media therefore do not reflect reality. In recent years, it has repeatedly become public knowledge that spoiled meat has deliberately entered the market. However, based on the current findings, this cannot be assumed. However, the bacteria found have so far hardly been researched. The germ should not be dangerous. (sb)

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