Health insurance companies: Are premiums increased again?

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The Techniker Krankenkasse expects further increases in health insurance premiums.

(06.07.2010) The Federal Government has recently decided to increase the contributions to statutory health insurance to 15.5 percent. In addition, the black-yellow coalition is struggling to raise the additional contributions as well. The head of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), on the other hand, expects further premium increases. The current increases will not be enough to cover the rising costs, said TK boss Norbert Klusen.

From 2011, contributions to statutory health insurance will increase. However, according to the head of the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), Norbert Klusen, the planned increases will not be enough to cover the rising expenses of the health insurance companies. If the insured have to adjust to increases in premiums, new increases could soon follow. Klusen told the "Südwest Presse" that he was "skeptical" whether the additional income would be sufficient. Because "expenditure will continue to increase". In the opinion of the health insurance chief, the increase in the contribution rate from 14.9 to 15.5 percent was justifiable, and the expected doubling of the additional contribution would also make sense. However, it is better to "completely abolish the maximum amount through a tax-financed social compensation" in order to "give the health insurance companies more sovereignty".

It would be unfortunate that the increase in premiums would have a particularly strong impact on low-wage earners, but that could not be prevented. The federal government should think about "also involving employers in the additional burdens." In the course of this, Klusen demanded that the health insurance companies set their own contribution rate again. In the course of the health care reform, a uniform contribution rate was introduced by the health insurance companies. "Then we would have full contribution sovereignty again and could face the competition," argued Klusen. (sb)

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