Diverticulum: Dietary fibers make the intestines easier

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Diverticulosis: high fiber diet eases the bowels.

(07/05/2010) About 30 percent of over 60 year olds have diverticula in the intestine. The diverticula often go unnoticed symptomatically, but many people suffer from diarrhea, pain in the left lower abdomen and constipation. These symptoms can include a sign of diverticula in the intestine. In order to relieve the pressure in the intestine and soften the stool, it is recommended to eat fiber-rich food and drink plenty of water. It is best to drink at least 1.5 to 2.0 liters of water a day. A lot of exercise can also make bowel movements easier.

Older people in particular suffer from diverticulosis. This was pointed out by gastrologist Professor Richard Raedsch from the professional association of German internists in a press release. If you drink a lot of water and eat a lot of fiber-rich food, the stool can be softened and the pressure in the intestine decreases.

Diverticulosis is a change in the large intestine in the form of small protrusions on the intestinal wall. In these protuberances, doctors speak of "false diverticula". The diverticula are therefore called "false" because, in contrast to the "real" diverticula, only the mucous membrane and not the entire intestinal wall is exposed. Remnants of bowel movements can stick to the diverticulum and become inflamed.

If diverticulosis does not cause any symptoms, no further treatment is necessary. To avoid inflammation, patients should change their eating habits. It is particularly advisable to eat lots of vegetables, whole grains and fruit here. Furthermore, patients should drink plenty of fluids. If there is already an inflammation, antibiotic treatment is an option. If the inflammation occurs more often, the affected section of the intestine may need to be removed.

What diet is high in fiber? A lot of fiber can be found in folk products, vegetables, legumes and fruit. A lot of fiber can be found in wheat feed bran. Bran is increasingly used in muesli or crispbread. The bran also ensures that the increase in blood sugar after starch intake is delayed, which among other things. reduces the risk of type II diabetes. (sb)

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