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The additional contributions of the health insurance companies should be allowed to double in the future.

(07/03/2010) According to media information, the federal government wants to double the maximum limit for additional contributions from health insurance companies. At the moment, the health insurance companies may request a maximum additional contribution of EUR 37.50 per insured member per month (co-insured are excluded from this rule). Now the upper limit is to be doubled, the new upper limit should then be 75 euros per month. In the worst case, that would be an additional annual burden of no less than 900 euros - caused solely by the additional contributions. This increases the limit from one to two percent.

The leaders of the coalition agreed on this last Friday, according to the Frankfurter Rundschau. In addition, the federal government wants to raise the general contribution rate of statutory health insurance to 15.5 percent. At least the last point has already been confirmed by government circles. Officially, the increases in health insurance premiums and the increase in additional premiums are to be announced publicly next Tuesday. The new regulations are to be implemented in January 2011.

Around 8 million people are currently affected by the additional contributions from health insurance companies. Around 400,000 insured have already left their health insurance due to the additional burdens charged. Experts assume that additional health insurance companies will charge additional contributions. The reason: A deficit of around 11 billion euros is expected in the health system's coffers in 2011. The federal government has been consulting for a long time on how this deficit could be stopped. The planned head allowance seems to be off the table at first. To this end, the insured persons' contributions should now obviously be increased and the maximum limit of the additional contributions doubled. (sb)

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