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From today a new organic label for Europe.

(01.07.2010) Starting today, July 1st, 2010 there will be a new uniform seal for organic products in Europe. The Bio-Siegel applies to packaged products manufactured in the European Community that are at least 95 percent organically grown. With the new seal, consumers in the EU should be able to clearly see which products come from organic farming and which are not. So far there has been no uniform eco-label.

How can you recognize the new organic logo?
On the seal you can see twelve European stars on a light green background (see picture). The twelve stars form a slightly curved leaf. The new logo is mandatory for all organic products from the EU. With the seal, consumers can see whether the product meets the requirements of the EU organic regulation during manufacture and control. The eco seal guarantees that at least 95 percent of the product comes from organic farming. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides must not be used. Animals must be kept in a species-appropriate manner and only fed with food from organic farming. The animals are also not allowed to be given antibiotics or other artificial substances. All in all, regulations are similar to those for the German organic label. The well-known German organic logo will remain, however, and logos from other private initiatives will also remain.

However, consumer associations criticize that the health aspect was not included. Because sugar-coated products such as corn flakes can also use the logo. (sb)

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