More and more children have back pain

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More and more children suffer from back pain.

(01.07.2010) More and more children in Germany suffer from back pain. The main reasons are insufficient exercise and poor nutrition. Children who have back pain early on will have greater back problems later.

According to a study by the German Employee Health Insurance Fund (DAK), more and more children suffer from back pain. The number of affected children with back pain has increased rapidly in the past ten years. The health problems usually begin at school age and are particularly common between the ages of 11 and 14. Around 100 pediatricians were interviewed during the study. The study was carried out by the "Forsa" research group on behalf of the DAK.

The doctors said the proportion of children with severe back pain was around 13 percent. The proportion of children with mild to moderate back pain is 44 percent. The main reason for the rapid increase in complaints is too little sport and exercise and a high consumption of game consoles and television. In addition, parents would not support their children enough in the exercise sector and would not stimulate motor development enough. Doctors also believe that insufficient physical education and an unbalanced diet are the main reasons for back pain in childhood. Read also: Exercises for back pain. (sb)

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