Doctors: Naturopathy relieves back pain

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Conventional conventional medicine sees a back pain relief in combination with naturopathy. The Munich Naturopathic Pain Intensive Program - Back (MNS-R) combines different therapies.

(June 30th, 2010) As the interdisciplinary pain clinic at the University of Munich (LMU) announced, a new program was developed, in which, in addition to the conventional medical pain treatment, applications from naturopathy and therapies of traditional Chinese medicine are used for back pain. Project manager Miriam Schopper said: "Our concept is based on the fact that patient resources motivation, cognition, positive body awareness and activity are an indispensable part of pain therapy".

In order to be able to determine the degree of pain of chronic back pain individually, patients are examined by an interdisciplinary team of doctors and specialists in physiotherapy and pain psychology before participating in the "Munich Naturopathic Pain Intensive Program - Back" (MNS-R). Depending on the degree of complaints and the patient's wishes, an individually compiled therapy recommendation can then be carried out by doctors and therapists on an outpatient basis or in the clinic of the University of Munich.

The program combines medical therapies with naturopathic methods of western naturopathy and applications of traditional Chinese medicine. A team accompanies the program on a scientific basis and processes the results. Functionality, quality of life, stress processing, life satisfaction, sick leave, treatment success and costs are in the focus of the medical profession. (sb)

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