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The PKV Allianz wants to increase its contributions. A ruling by the Federal Administrative Court had previously prohibited surcharges for changing tariffs within health insurance.

(June 28, 2010) Allianz's private health insurance will increase its premiums for individual tariffs in the coming week. The reason for this step is a new judgment by the Federal Administrative Court in Leipzig. The top judges had forbidden "Allianz Private Krankenversicherungs-AG" to levy flat-rate surcharges from insured people who wanted to switch from a more expensive tariff to a cheaper one. Allianz raised a surcharge of 20 percent from those wishing to change. The judgment should also serve as a signal for other private insurers (Az. 8 C 42 09). The judgment is final.

In addition, the alliance must now reimburse all surcharges that were raised by changing the tariff. According to the PKV insurance, the affected members are automatically reimbursed the money, no separate applications have to be made. Now Allianz will have to think about how to recover the lost contributions. What is certain is that tariffs called "Aktimed" will experience tariff increases. So far, Aktimed has been offered to new customers at very favorable conditions. If an old customer also wanted to switch to the low-cost tariff, they had to pay a surcharge. As a result, the tariff was not worthwhile for old customers, since the tariff was then no longer cheap.

The alliance confirmed that higher contributions will now be charged for the Aktimed tariffs. As the alliance explained, the premiums for new customers, existing customers who switch to the "Aktimed tariff", as well as for existing insurance contracts are partially increased. However, the exact amount of the premium increase has not yet been determined. (sb)

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