First aid for sunburn

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Sunburn: first aid.

First aid for sunburn - what to do if the skin is red and burning.

(June 23, 2010) Summer, sun, beach and often sunburn. But which natural home remedies (naturopathy) help when a sunburn causes the skin to burn and blush. Every summer, about a third of Germans suffer from sunburn. Around 140,000 people develop skin cancer each year, and around 2,300 people die from the consequences. Sunburn should therefore not be taken lightly.

The best cure for sunburn is still prevention. Because those who suffer from sunburn more often increase the risk of skin cancer many times over. In addition, the skin ages faster when sunbathing excessively. You do not only get sunburnt on the beach, but also on walks, by car or on a deck chair in the garden. Initially, the sunburn remains unnoticed, only after a certain time the skin reacts with pain, redness, itching and in the advanced stage also with skin blisters, dizziness, vomiting and headache. After a few days, the skin regenerates and the upper layers of skin peel off.

Sunburn: Vulnerable areas of the body
Protection against sunburn
Help with sunburn

Vulnerable areas of the body

Areas of the body like shoulders, upper body, feet, nose and face are particularly at risk for sunburn. Due to the special exposed position of the named parts of the body, they should also be protected from the sun to a special degree.

Protection against sunburn

The best sun protection is literally protecting yourself from the sun. This includes not exposing yourself to extreme sunbathing and especially avoiding the midday sun. In southern countries, no one would think of lying in the sun at noon. On the contrary, most people spend the hottest part of the day with a "siesta".

The sun boosts vitamin D production in the body, but those who spend too much time in the sun risk sunburn with all of its effects. Now many people are convinced to use chemical sunscreens. Most manufacturers of such lotions use chemical UV filters. The mineral filter substances contain chemical substances such as titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These substances are used in the form of nanoparticles in sun creams. PEG / PEG derivatives are also used in some lotions. This makes the skin more permeable to pollutants. Contained fragrances can trigger allergies in some people.

Natural products that can be bought in the health food store are suitable as lotions. These lotions do not use fragrances and preservatives and do not use mineral filter substances. The best and healthiest remedy for sunburn is to avoid strong sun exposure!

Help with sunburn

First of all, those affected should definitely protect themselves from the sun and wear appropriate body clothing. Pain and itching can be relieved by cool envelopes. The envelopes can be kitchen towels, they should be sterile to avoid inflammation. Drink plenty of water. On the other hand, curd or yogurt should never be used, as this can ignite the skin! If you want to use lotions, make sure that the creams are natural products, as fragrances and chemical substances can cause further health complications. A lot of peace and a cool environment also help.

If symptoms worsen and more are added, a doctor should be consulted. You should see a doctor if the skin turns deep red to dark red. Blistering is also a sign of mild to moderate skin burns. Never open the blisters yourself as there is an acute risk of infection. Other symptoms such as headache, nausea and vomiting, fever, chills, severe pain and dizziness indicate a sunstroke. This is an emergency and the person concerned should see a doctor immediately! Infants and babies should definitely see a doctor if they get sunburnt. (sb)

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