People who buy organic food live healthier

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Eco is healthy: According to a study, people who buy a lot of organic also live healthier.

(21.06.2010) People who like to shop in the health food store also live healthier. Above all, it is the living habits that make up the health factor. Researchers from the Max Rubner Institute for Nutrition and Food Research (MRI) used a study to show why.

In the past, people who were environmentally and health-conscious were still cried out as "ecos". Today, more and more people are living according to these principles. According to a scientific study by the Max Rubner Institute for Nutrition and Food Research, organic buyers live much healthier. The decisive factor, however, is not necessarily the regular shopping in the reform or organic market, but rather the basic philosophy of life. Because organic food does not necessarily have to be healthier. "Organic buyers" eat less meat and sausages, rarely drink sugary drinks such as lemonades, exercise more and play sports. They also smoke less often. In their study, the researchers from Karlsruhe evaluated the data from the National Nutrition Study and found a connection between the purchase of organic food and lifestyle. In addition to healthy eating, organic buyers also know more about health-conscious nutrition on average, according to the head of the Institute for Nutritional Behavior, Ingrid Hoffmann.

The study asked 20,000 people about their eating habits and lifestyle. Most health food buyers can be found in the age group of 35 to 50 years of age. Women are in the majority, young people and pensioners are less likely to shop in organic or form houses.

A healthy diet is when you eat little meat and sausages and lots of fruits and vegetables. The recommendations of the German Society for Nutrition also suggest eating little sugar and drinking few lemonades. Organic buyers adhere to such recommendations on average significantly more often than others. As a result, health-conscious "ecos" improve their nutrient balance immensely. Around eighty percent of organic buyers do not smoke, and 70 percent of non-organic consumers. About two thirds of organic buyers exercise regularly, the group of "non-organic buyers" only half exercise. On average, ecos are leaner than others. The proportion of people with normal weight is 45 percent, for non-organic buyers the proportion is 37 percent.

However, many people are denied health-conscious nutrition in organic food stores. Because organic food is for the most part more expensive than "normal" food. The study also found that the upper social classes shop in the organic food stores. Diet, health and lifestyle is also a question of the wallet. (sb)

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