Alzheimer's Research: Billions Wasted?

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Alzheimer's research: billions wasted?
(2010-06-21) According to a report by the magazine "Technology Review" there are scientific doubts about the common theories of Alzheimer's research, for which around 50 billion are currently spent annually. New therapeutic and prevention options could come from the field of naturopathy.

The May Technology magazine, which is published by Hanover's Heise Verlag, published an article in its May issue on the theory of the American brain researcher George Bartzokis. Bartzokis works as a psychiatrist at the University of California Brain Research Institute (UCLA). Since 2003 Bartzokis has had nuclear spin images of the brains of patients taken and evaluated. He had already published some of them in specialist magazines, and then went public with his own theory in 2009.

According to Bartzokis, the problem is not the protein deposits in the brains of those affected, but a poor function of the nerve sheaths, the so-called myelin sheaths. The myelin layer is said to be kept poorly intact and inoperable by the human organism in old age. In order to keep the myelin sheaths intact, the organism needs cholesterol, which in the public and often from a medical point of view mostly has a negative image.

Bartzoki's theses are supported by the symptoms of Alzheimer's disease. Because those affected would not forget individual terms, which would rather speak for the deposition thesis due to a loss of function in individual areas, but first of all there would be a lack of connection between those affected by Alzheimer's. This would rather suggest that the conduits that link individual areas to each other are affected.

Previous research and therapy approaches address deposits in the brain of those affected. Bartzoki's approach could therefore open up a completely new dimension in the direction of research and future treatment approaches for Alzheimer's disease, which could look very simple and come from the field of naturopathy, such as eating fish oil and exercising as a quasi myelin sheath wellness program becomes. (Thorsten Fischer, naturopath osteopathy)

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