Health insurance companies in financial need

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The financial hardship of the statutory health insurance companies is far greater than previously thought.

(21.06.2010) The statutory health insurance companies (GKV) are in far greater financial difficulties than previously assumed. According to an internal investigation by GKV-Finanzcontrolling 23 of the 157 health insurance companies are considered "at risk". Eight of the endangered SHI insurers announce that they will soon be demanding additional contributions from their members. Especially company health insurance (BKK) are affected.

The financial situation of the statutory health insurance companies is much worse than previously thought. Last week it was announced that three health insurance companies have already reported impending bankruptcy to the Federal Insurance Office. Further health insurance companies could now follow, because according to an internal rating 23 health insurance companies are in financial need. The company health insurance companies (BKK) are particularly affected, with 20 of the BKK health insurance companies classified as at risk. 46 other health insurers were rated "observed". This means that a financial disaster could also be heralded here. There are also 30 company health insurance schemes below. Only about 54 health insurers received the rating "harmless" and another 34 health insurers were rated "efficient". Which health insurance companies are affected was not named in the evaluation. You probably don't want to encourage insured people to change health insurance.

The rating of the health insurance companies was carried out by the financial controlling of the health insurance association (GKV). The results of the last quarter of 2009 were included in the assessment. This also included claims and additional payments from the health fund. The GKV association was cautious about the results. The rating system is currently still under construction. First of all, health insurance companies should be filtered out, where "there may be indications of a hazard". In a second step, the health insurance companies were to be subjected to a "detailed assessment".

Everything looks like smaller health insurance companies, in particular, can no longer withstand the financial pressure. Increased drug costs, expensive treatments and the general financial situation of the contributors, all of this has a negative impact on the small health insurance companies. While large health insurance companies can still react flexibly, small health insurance companies can hardly compensate for deficits. Seen this way at the GBK Cologne, BKK for health professions and City BKK. All three reported impending bankruptcy to the Federal Insurance Office last week. Now another 69 cash registers have been "observed" or even "endangered". The Federal Insurance Office confirmed to the magazine "Focus" that a total of 19 health insurance companies are considered "registered" because they recorded more expenditure than income in the last quarter. If a health insurance company goes bankrupt, it could continue because a so-called "domino effect" arises. Because the other health insurers then have to assume the debts of the insolvent insurer and may then themselves run into financial difficulties. (sb)

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