Study: coffee and tea are good for the heart

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Study: coffee and tea are good for the heart.

(2010-06-19) This study could make coffee and tea drinkers happy. Regular, moderate consumption of coffee and tea lowers the risk of heart disease and thus protects the cardiovascular system. At least that is what results of a newly presented Dutch long-term study say. Tea is said to be even healthier than coffee. But this has other causes than the choice of the drink.

According to a scientific study by the "University Medical Center" in Utrecht, the Netherlands, regular consumption of coffee and tea protects the cardiovascular system. A total of 37514 Dutch people aged 20 to 69 took part in the long-term study. In the course of the study, 1387 subjects died. The study lasted a total of 13 years. Regular surveys of coffee and tea consumption were conducted throughout the study. Based on these results, the data on the cardiac diseases and causes of death that occurred were compared. The participants were divided into 6 groups according to their consumption behavior. The frequency of drinking coffee and tea was measured. Depending on how much coffee the study participant drank, it was divided into a group. The first group included everyone who drank less than a cup, the second group included participants who drank at least one cup of coffee or tea. The study participants who drank two, three or more cups a day came into the other groups. The study also included other risk factors that could favor heart disease such as heart attack.

The results presented were astonishing. Study participants who drank three to six cups of tea a day were able to reduce the risk of heart disease compared to the "low-drinkers" by 45 percent. However, if study participants drank more than six cups of tea a day, the lower risk was only 36 percent compared to the comparison group who drank only one cup of tea a day. Anyone who drank two to four cups of coffee a day was able to reduce the risk of heart disease by 20 percent.

Most participants in the tea consumption study drank black tea (around three quarters). According to research results, there is no restriction on daily tea drinking with regard to heart problems. Tea can be enjoyed to the fullest, says the study director. Good health results were also achieved with coffee. However, the effect compared to tea is significantly lower and it has been observed that coffee drinkers suffered from the heart more often than tea drinkers. However, this is not due to the coffee itself, as the scientists report. Rather, it is the way of life of coffee drinkers, since they apparently pay less attention to their health. Smokers in particular often drink coffee instead of tea. Coffee drinkers also seem to pay less attention to a healthy diet and less exercise. These health risk factors inevitably increase the likelihood of developing a heart problem.

But why is it that coffee and tea have such a positive effect on the health of the cardiovascular system? Above all, it is the antioxidants it contains that act as antioxidants. Antioxidants protect the body's own cell nuclei and cell membrane. Antioxidants can no longer only be found in coffee or tea. It has been proven that natural antioxidants can also be found in foods such as garlic, blueberries, cabbage, broccoli, licorice, ginger and brown rice. These natural substances not only protect the heart, they also prevent cancer. Antioxidants trap free radicals and also strengthen the body's immune system. So-called "free radicals" include the cause of human aging.

The widespread opinion that coffee causes cardiac arrhythmia has now been refuted by a US long-term study. However, the assumption that coffee stimulates is also refuted. It is more a matter of getting used to the body.

For the head of research Yvonne van der Schouw it is proven that the consumption of tea or coffee has a positive effect on the body. "While previous studies have shown that drinking coffee and tea appears to reduce the risk of heart disease, there has been no conclusive evidence of an impact on stroke risk or the risk of fatal heart disease," said van der Schouw. This study has now proven the positive effect on the heart. (sb)

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