Discounts for private health insurance companies soon?

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Discounts for private health insurance companies soon?

(06/18/2010) According to media reports, the Federal Ministry of Health is currently examining whether there may also be compulsory manufacturer discounts for pharmaceuticals for private health insurers in the future. So far, these are only possible for the statutory health insurance companies.

The state-regulated discounts of six percent are to be as high as 16 percent from August 2010. They bring big savings to the statutory health insurance funds because they bring lower prices for the medicines, which is not possible for the private health insurance companies. Experts estimate that the participation of the PKV in the discounts should amount to millions and allegedly there should be positive signals from the government coalition. This should also apply to the further measures of the austerity package beginning at the beginning of next year, the price moratorium planned in three years, the fee schedule for dentists and doctors (GÖÄ) and the abolition of the three-year waiting period when changing health insurance companies. (tf)

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