Listeria found in onion sausage

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Listeria found in food again: Ministry of Consumer warns against eating onion sausage. The onion sausage is contaminated with listeria bacteria.

(2010-06-08) The consumer ministries of Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate warn against eating onion sausage contaminated with Listeria. The sausage was sold in the supermarket chains Kaufland / Handelshof. The "Turkey onion sausage, 150 g" from the manufacturer "Heidemark" is affected.

As can be seen from the authorities, it is the onion sausage with the best before date 2.6. until June 23 with the batch number 91204 from the company "Heidemark". Listeria bacteria were found in this type of sausage. Listeria-contaminated goods cannot be recognized by their appearance, smell or taste. For this reason, consumers who bought this sausage should either return it to the supermarket or dispose of it. Under no circumstances should the onion sausage be eaten with these best before dates. The supermarket chain "Kaufland" confirmed the Listeria infestation and now warns on its website that it will not eat the sausage. According to the country of purchase, the sausage could be returned, the purchase price would also be reimbursed without a receipt. Meanwhile, the goods were removed from the shelves.

Listeria can cause serious infectious diseases. People with a weakened immune system are particularly affected. These groups mainly include the elderly, chronically ill, children and pregnant women. Listeria can cause listeriosis. The course of the disease resembles a flu-like infection. Initially, sufferers suffer from diarrhea and complain of severe abdominal pain. As the disease progresses, fever, severe headache, paralysis and drowsiness also occur. In some very unfavorable cases, listeriosis can also lead to death. A big problem with the medical diagnosis is the recognition of the diseases. It can take up to two months between an infection and an outbreak. If consumers have already eaten this sausage, they should see a doctor immediately.

Every year around 500 people in Germany contract listeriosis. In most cases the disease was unproblematic. But that always depends on the patient's physical condition. In Austria, for example, at least seven people died of Listeria-contaminated cheese in autumn 2009. (sb)

Lidl warns of listeria-contaminated cheese
Lidl warns of two types of cheese
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