Warning of system change in the health system

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The social associations SoVD and Volkssolidarität warn of a radical change in the health system.

(08.06.2010) The social associations SoVD and people's solidarity warn of a "radical change of system in the health system". SoVd and people's solidarity warn the federal government against the introduction of a lump sum per head and the associated radical system change from health insurance financed in solidarity to an anti-social privatization of health costs. This would jeopardize the welfare state requirement and upset the proven principle of solidarity. It would also be a clear disregard for the majority will of the citizens, who are in favor of maintaining and strengthening a health insurance system based on solidarity
have pronounced.

Rather, the goal must be to strengthen and develop social health insurance. The fact that statutory health insurance is an indispensable part of the welfare state is proven by a scientific report on the social value and the possibilities for the further development of solidary health insurance, which SoVD and People's Solidarity have commissioned.

In this study, the renowned health scientist Professor Dr. Dr. Thomas Gerlinger clearly underlines the central importance of social health insurance for our society. "It is an important cornerstone of the welfare state and makes a significant contribution to social balance in society and social cohesion," the draft says. Against this background, another result of the study that the clear contours of a system change in health policy can already be seen in the coalition agreement is deeply worrying.

In addition, the report shows that patients and insured persons have been bearing an increasing share of the costs and risks of health care for years. B. by tightened co-payment regulations and special contributions. At the same time, insured persons are burdened by two-class medicine, which has arisen from the coexistence of statutory and private health insurance. This particularly increases the tendency towards desolidation.

SoVD and people's solidarity call for solidarity-based further development of health care, which focuses on the interests of patients and insured persons. This requires strengthening the revenue side. It is important to overcome the separation between statutory and private health insurance, to restore equal funding of health costs and to introduce long-term solidarity insurance. SoVD and people's solidarity also believe that measures on the expenditure side are urgent. Both associations are in favor of using the potential available in the system - especially in the area of ​​pharmaceuticals. To improve patient care, double structures must be avoided and prevention and rehabilitation strengthened. (pm)

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