Study: fear of Hartz IV makes you sick

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According to a study by the Techniker Krankenkasse, worries about the descent from unemployment benefit I to Hartz IV relate to illness.

(May 27, 2010) According to a study by the Techniker Krankenkasse (TK), concerns about the descent from unemployment benefit I to Hartz IV benefit (ALG II) are causing illness. The rate of sick leave for unemployment benefit I recipients has risen continuously by 28 percent since the Hartz IV labor market reform was introduced. Every unemployment benefit recipient is on sick leave on average 22.5 days a year. It is striking that the rate of sick leave has risen drastically, especially in the area of ​​mental illnesses (depression, anxiety). Accordingly, the proportion rose by 44 percent due to psychological stress.

Social and welfare organizations are primarily responsible for the fear of social decline. Ulrich Schneider told the newspaper "Bild": "The mental pressure is enormous and makes the unemployed and their families sick". Michael Pausder from the VdK social association sees a direct connection. "The numbers show once again that fear of Hartz IV makes you sick. Above all, concerns about social decline and poverty play a major role," said Pausder. After one year of unemployment benefit I, for most people, unemployment benefit II (Hartz IV) benefits. This also changes financial aid and requirements for the unemployed. (gr)

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