Overtime is bad for the heart

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Overtime at work has a negative impact on the heart: According to research results, the risk of heart attack increases by 60 percent. Too much work makes you sick.

(12.05.2010) In today's society, overtime is a "good thing" in the work environment. Orders have to be completed in a timely manner and supervisors are increasingly pushing to complete overtime. But an unhealthy relationship between work and balancing leisure time can have fatal health effects. A British team of scientists has investigated the link between overtime and heart disease. In a long-term study, the researchers observed around 6,000 employees of the British authorities. The results are terrifying.

In the research results of the English scientists Mika Kivimäki and Marianna Virtanen, a direct connection between overtime and heart diseases could be established. The employees who frequently and regularly work overtime clearly noticed a high risk of heart disease. It was found that employees who work 11 to 12 hours a day have a 60 percent higher risk of suffering a heart attack. The increase in the risk rate was also independent of other risk factors such as sedentary lifestyle, unhealthy eating or smoking. However, the results are limited to employees who hardly move physically during work. So far, there have been no studies for employees who move physically during working hours. However, the study results also failed to clarify whether restricting overtime actually reduces the risk of suffering a heart attack.

However, the further results should also be of economic interest. Apparently, employees were spared the increased risk of heart attack, who had a lot of freedom of choice due to their position or the work environment. In this respect, the results are in line with other studies that had shown a connection between freedom of choice, overtime and depression. (sb)

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