Federal government wants to save on healthcare

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Billions should be saved in healthcare: Around three billion euros should be saved in doctors, hospitals, health insurance companies and pharmacies. Minister of Health open to zero rounds with doctors.
(May 15, 2010) The federal government plans to save around three billion euros in healthcare next year. According to the health policy spokesman of the CDU, Jens Spahn, the savings should be made primarily in the areas of clinics, health insurance companies and pharmacies. Together with the newly developed drug savings package, around five billion euros could be saved in the healthcare system. However, there are no concrete plans yet. Critics point out that the planned head allowance will most likely save further costs at the expense of the health insured. It is feared that the statutory health insurance companies will only offer basic care in the future. Additional benefits would then have to be insured.

A health insurance deficit of around 3.1 billion euros is expected for the current year. For the coming year, the deficit should even be 15 billion euros if there are no savings measures. Minister of Health Philipp Rösler (FDP) is also exploring other ways to save. A spokesman for the Ministry of Health said that Rösler was open to a zero round for clinic doctors. (sb)

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