Additional contribution to the Barmer health insurance?

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The largest German health insurance company, Barmer GEK, is likely to demand an additional contribution from its insured persons by 2011 at the latest. Further increases in the statutory health insurance premium could follow.

Request an additional contribution from their insured. Around 8.5 million members would be affected by the additional contribution. The Barmer GEK had benefited from the willingness of many insured to switch, as Barmer has gained around 150,000 new insured since the beginning of the year. Barmer GEK board member Birgit Fischer also suspects "Südwestfunk" that the increase in membership is "to a large extent" due to the fact that Barmer is currently not charging any additional contributions. Of course, this is particularly annoying for the new members, if the Barmer now also requires additional contributions.

Many insured people are now wondering when exactly the additional premium will be introduced and whether there will be further premium increases? Fischer told Südwestfunk: "This year it depends on whether further cost-cutting measures will be effective, for example in the pharmaceutical sector". At the moment, the situation had to be reassessed from month to month. The likelihood is high that it won't stay that way. At the beginning of the year, several health insurers were already asking for premium increases. In view of the high deficit of the statutory health insurance funds of around 15 billion euros in 2011, Fischer called for an additional increase in the contribution rate of all health insurance funds. Alternatively, only a higher tax subsidy would otherwise remain. "You can not only solve the problems with the additional contributions and thus unilaterally charge the insured," said Barmer boss Fischer. (sb)

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