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From naturopathy: Ayurveda

(May 2, 2010) One of the great known systems of naturopathy is traditional Indian medicine, Ayurveda. The term Ayurveda can be translated as "teaching of life", and so it includes not only the healing but also the avoidance of diseases. Ayurveda also deals with obstetrics, life philosophy and psychology. Successfully used in India and Sri Lanka for thousands of years, Ayurvedic medicine has been increasingly finding its way into the naturopathic practice of the West for several years. The contained nutritional theory is particularly suitable for self-care, the principles of which are quite easy to understand and which can be easily implemented with natural foods.

Vata, Pitta, Kapha: Doshas and constitution. The basis of the right diet is the innate constitution of the individual, which shapes three different energy qualities (tri-doshas) such as appearance, voice, temperament, behavior and thinking. These three doshas are assigned to the different elements as Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Vata is formed from air and space, pitta from fire and little water, kapha from earth and water.

Vata stands among other things for mental and physical mobility, Pitta is mainly responsible for metabolism and digestion, while Kapha provides substance and stability on a physical, psychological and mental level. Age, diet, climate and lifestyle change the doshas and can upset the balance, causing illness. A Vata disorder can be expressed, for example, in joint complaints, the Pitta disorder as a stomach ulcer and a Kapha disorder as overweight or as a mucus in the airways.

Six flavors influence the doshas. The other way round, diet can be used to influence the three doshas in order to prevent or compensate for a distribution imbalance. According to their flavors, all foods, medicinal plants and spices are said to have a strengthening or reducing effect on the doshas. Sweet reduces Vata and Pitta, but increases Kapha. Sour and salty reduce vata, but increase pitta and kapha. Bitter and bitter decrease Pitta and Kaha, but increase Vata. Kapha eventually reduces sharply, but increases Pitta and Vata.

Season and weather also influence the doshas and are taken into account in the diet. If it is cold and dry, warm, pulpy-heavy meals such as stews should be preferred, whereas dry and warm meals should be preferred in cold and rain. Cooling, moist food is indicated in high heat, e.g. as a salad with cucumber, tomatoes and a yogurt dressing.

Combine foods correctly. In order not to completely do without certain dishes, Ayurveda knows many antidotes (= antidotes) that can compensate for the stressful effects of food. This makes cheese easier to digest if it is seasoned with black pepper, hot peppers, horseradish or other hot ingredients. Milk loses its mucilaginous effect when fresh ginger is rubbed in and meat dishes, eggs, legumes or cabbage become more digestible if they are prepared with digestive spices (fennel seeds, cumin, mustard seeds).

Some foods should not be eaten at the same time. So it is not considered healthy to drink milk on sour or spicy food. Likewise, meat and fish should not be combined with yogurt. Cold and hot drinks and / or meals should also be enjoyed strictly separately so as not to unnecessarily burden the digestion.

It is very important that the food is natural and freshly processed. Ready meals in canned goods, bags or from the microwave also do not contain any vital energy from an Ayurvedic point of view and cause acidity in the tissues. (Dipl.Päd. J.Viñals Stein, naturopath)

For further reading: Elisabeth Veit: Das Ayurveda Heilkundebuch, Delphi Verlag, 1st edition 1998

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